Monday, February 20, 2012

Wellness Wordworks peer support intervention

Wellness Wordworks

Instant Mental Health Peer Support Showing emotional distress as temporary and transformative

“Peer Support is THE most effective mental health intervention”

- National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, “What Helps, What Hinders,” a report on how effective Peer Support is for Mental Health Recovery

Wellness Wordworks was founded in 2008 by Corinna West. We are building an innovative mental health care model called Instant Peer Support. We are using Google Gigabit technology to provide a 24 hour video call in support line for people to find resources for handling emotional distress. All of our staff will be people who are themselves in recovery for mental health diagnoses. Our video line will be linked with crisis care opportunities and community mentors to bring people into social activities.

This will relieve much of the burden on our over-stressed local mental health centers. We plan for recovery outcomes that are much higher than current mental health delivery models.

Consider joining this great initiative

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