Friday, February 3, 2012

Labyrinth Walking May Calm Stress

Labyrinth Walking May Calm Stress and Promote Tranquility

Labyrinths differ from mazes in that a maze is meant to be a puzzle, posing difficulties in finding the correct path. Labyrinths are simple to follow, the point being that once you enter the path, your attention is meant to stay focused on reaching the center which each person may designate with his or her own value; the end of a journey, the reaching of a goal, satisfaction, balance, tranquility, or God, Himself.

Finger labyrinths were small, desktop sized labyrinths that could be traced with a finger to relax and "balance" oneself. If you would like to try one for yourself, click on the first link provided below to find a pattern to print off for your own use. Notice that the Christian cross is also occupies a dominant area at the bottom center of the pattern. If you are right-handed, try tracing the pattern with your left hand, and vice versa, to increase the challenge, and repeat the pattern several times in a row before stopping.

Read this fascinating article here.

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