Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Antipsychotics - a form of birth control

Please read this post from Schizophrena at the Schoolgate. If Louise Gillett suspicions are correct, then chemical castration is one side effect of antipsychotic use that doctors routinely do not disclose to their patients. Yet, science also flirts with the idea that schizophrenia confers an evolutionary advantage for future generations. (See David Horrobin, The Madness of Adam and Eve). If science is correct, then there is an evolutionary DISADVANTAGE for people with a schizophrenia diagnosis not to procreate.

Excerpt from Amazon:

Book Description

April 2002
This volume presents an argument which aims to fundamentally alter our view of the roots of humanity and answer questions of how a species of clever ape evolved into something different. Schizophrenia is the only illness to be found in equal measure in all racial groups, pointing to the fact that the disease must have been present at the dawn of mankind before the races diversified and spread from Africa throughout Eurasia and Australasia. The book aims to reveal how the genetic legacy of schizophrenia is at the heart of the best and worst of human achievement.


  1. Hi Rossa

    I just read this wonderful article on the Mad in America site
    Louise x

  2. Rossa,

    I think you're on to something.
    At one time, psychiatry could lock people away, so they could not reproduce.

    Now, the drugs get the job done.
    "Treatment advocacy" has become the modern way to castrate.

    Not a conspiracy.
    Just a reality.


  3. There is no conspiracy to make the mentally ill infertile, it is just an unfortunate side effect the medications, and perhaps the weight gain that they can cause. Weight gain causes increased prolactin levels. Many other medications also cause this problem and it likely only happens to very few

    If you are looking for something really ridiculous take a look at SSRIs and sexual dysfunction.


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