Monday, January 10, 2011

Hoarding: A brain disorder

I'm sure you all know that Dr. E. Fuller Torrey of the Treatment Advocacy Center loves to use the term "agnosogosia" to describe people with an inability to recognize that they are mentally ill.


How many of you are aware that our beloved Dr. E. Fuller Torrey suffers from this serious disorder known as “hoarding”? Yes, it’s true! Dr, Torrey has a particularly severe case of hoarding caused by a rare mutation in his hoarding gene, causing him to suffer from a brain hoarding brain illness. He has no insight into his disease, and this common among those with the hoarding illness.

Read more of this hilarious jibe at NamiDearest


  1. first day completely free of serequel tink i slept 2 an no problems a tall
    fcuked surpless meds etc into sea d easy way via convenient drain
    jobs oxo

    with luv nowel

  2. Good for you, Nowel! I see you changed the spelling of your name. A new dawn, a new day?

  3. just another day for us ordinary servents of the universe rossa
    much love Noel

  4. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affects the way a person acts, thinks, and sees things in their daily life.
    What is schizophrenia disorder

    1. They claim 'schizophrenia' is a brain disorder is not susceptible of proof, which is why brain scanning the patient hasn't trickled down into the diagnostic process. Simple. You cannot simply decree that someone has a brain disease, any more than I can simply decree E Torrey Fuller's mendacity is due to a brain disease. The brain disease hypothesis has been disconfirmed by the evidence, but people like that colon Fuller Torrey, like the vast majority of psychiatrists, don't like to acknowledge their errors, so they reinforce their shibboleths regularly to avoid anything so cumbersome and threatening to their self-esteem as admitting they were wrong (who knows, maybe this is because of a brain disease!)


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