Friday, January 7, 2011

"Encouraged" from all directions

Oh dear. After fussing over my sample query letter to the agent and twenty pages of manuscript, reading and rereading them for spelling errors and sloppy sentence construction, I discovered, to my horror, after I pushed the send button, that I had failed to notice a big, fat, mistake. I used a completely wrong word! I never use this word, but I inserted it in my last minute revisions. The word means the opposite of what I intended. It's as if I had dropped jam on the spot, or squashed a big housefly between the pages. It's so horribly THERE.

I can't resend the e-mail with the offending word corrected. Agents would assume I would be a pest as a client, forever cluttering their in-box with the latest "updates."

So, the deed is done.

Turning to other matters, it's Chris's 27th birthday today. Last night the choir made bought him a birthday cake. He was really happy about that. He's been invited to sing in a local Gilbert and Sullivan production. He's happy about that. He got the Adyashanti book from his parents and a religous book from Taylor, his youngest brother, about finding  his mission in life. I was impressed that Taylor is encouraging his brother.

Chris has a phone "date" with career intuitive Sue Fredericks this afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a good week-end, everybody.

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