Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My book will soon be available

I've been fiddling around for the past few days uploading my manuscript chapter by chapter onto the authonomy website. Authonomy is HarperCollins website where authors can test drive their manuscripts and get and give feedback. My partial manuscript was barely up before people started backing my book. Most would-be authors seem only too willing to back your book almost sight unseen as long as you will back theirs. "I LOVED your book" rings a little hollow under these circumstances. None-the-less, my motives for placing my book on this site are pure. It's a free book, which anyone can read (you, too), which I hope inspires others to challenge the medical status quo when it comes to a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

I'll post more information about how you can access it once I get the book fully uploaded . It still needs editing, but after five years and multiple edits, it's time the gestation period came to an end.


  1. I especially enjoyed reading about Family Constellation Therapy, and was encouraged to look up Hamer.

  2. PS:

    Manticore was published in 1972 by Penguin Books.

  3. Thanks for taking a peek. The story of Geert Hamer is really fascinating. Thanks for helping me with the footnote.

  4. Good to see you setting an example in responsible action in that you are posting your new book online for free. A good friend of mine Chris Foster who has the website "The Happy Seeker" has just recently posted his new book "The Wisdom of Serenity" for free download on his site also so you are in good company Rossa.Chris has proved out a few thing in his own life, not schiz but related, and now in his eighties he happily shares his gifts freely online.

    With appreciation and love

    Noel Gaughan

  5. I am looking forward to reading this. First a very stupid question. This is an online book, as I understand it. Is that the only way it is available? I hate to read online, and I even have a laptop. I do not have a printer, but am considering getting one.


  6. B'ham - So far, it's only on-line. I suspect that you can't print it out because of copyright concerns, but the font is rather large, not like a typical webpage, if that's of any help to you.

  7. Thanks, Noel. I hope you read it and send me feedback. There are many things that need changing, because my understanding has evolved since I began writing the book. For example, I am deleting the word "schizophrenic" where possible and substituting "schizophrenia diagnosis" as only one example of changes that are needed. So, the book is uneven. I need the time to read it chapter by chapter and update it to my latest thinking.


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