Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holistic day in bed

I woke up several times last night, first to shoot up my stuffed nasal passages with a salt water solution, then later to take two Tylenols to get rid of an emerging sore throat. I was already feeling under the weather and sorry for myself because of foot pain in my right leg. I lay in bed trying to work out the holistic reason for my foot pain, which has been plaguing me since I got back from vacation at the end of August.

Here's the holistic approach for foot pain. Common expressions involving feet are to "put your best foot forward," to "put your foot down," or to "be constantly underfoot." There are many more. I wondered about what was bothering me that I felt it in my foot. The bottom of my foot felt like it was stepping on a tubular pipe, so I settled on, as a best guess, having something constantly underfoot. I don't have to look far in our tiny apartment to see Chris and Alex living at home while Ian and I  shuffle around at the start of our declining years.

So, what does a holistic person do? I did an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) focusing on the pain in my foot and asking for forgiveness all around for Alex and Chris lodged underfoot. I also took the day off, figuring that keeping my foot elevated would speed the healing. Sometimes a pain is actually physical, not psychological, I remind myself.

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  1. Dear Rossa,

    Knowing a convincing degree and level of oneness with the transcendant self which in fact is at the core and is the true identity of each person brings with it much exploration and adventure as one seeks to find out exactly what the facts are concerning the healing possibilities inherant in true being .One thing that has to be met is the common fearful cautioning which many others love to impose upon those around them, people who have not really proven anything much out in their own lives but whose identity is centered in fear of life need to find others who will agree with them in their deadly phillophosies to enable them to continue in their delusions. The fact is that people who can avoid facing the necessity of changing themselves invariably will.Because of this common trait in the given human condition the Master Jesus said plainly that he dident come to help people to continue in thieir comfortable deluded ruts but rather He came to bring a sword and of course this as it begins to be felt in ones own flesh will surely prove somewhat uncomfortable. However we do know that Jesus was the realized personification of Love and that therefore everything that He did provide in His expression must surely prove to be actually most worthwhile should we stay true and see the process of purification which this sword brings all the way through. when we have moved a certain distance along the true way we must put aside all the commonly held concepts about the way things are in order to leave space in our conciousnesses for the new.In fact we soon come to recognise that virtually all the knowledge and experience in the people around us is in fact worthless to us With a little trust in life and a willingness to know the actual truth for ourselve we soon find that we in fact can find from within ourselves all the answears that we need for every circumstance which may arise in our lives. Also we find out that it is frequently necessary to accept a state of not knowing what to do or to think about some new ill condition with which we may be dealing. To be patient and not form a mental concept rationalizing the illness or pain which is present. This the common addiction of needing to label every experience and then imagine that we know what the ill condition means blocks the emergence of the true solution to the problem and it never gets resolved.Life knows what it is doing and we can build up a conviction of faith in life rather than in illness and death if we open to the possibility until it has been proven out in experience. What we beleive in creates our own experience in large measure even if we are deluded although the untrue is only a temporary phenomenen an has no lasting significance or value.To be true to the truth means being true to the facts of the nature and qualit of the true or higher self and not being true to the false concepts and distortions which characterize the temporary egotistical conciousness which is in fact a false idrntity which inevitably passes away for each person. The dissolving of the false identity can happen during the life of any person who will do what is necessary or else it dissolves with the passing away of the phisical form in what is called death.

    If you dont know what to do , do nothing, if you fall or fail, get back up again and try again, dont ever altogether give up on that tiny initially, whispering inner voice which calls to you to make real the true grateness which is potential for you and is your natural birthright as a child of the universe

    Noel Gaughan


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