Monday, October 11, 2010

Half of 1.3 billion

I was speaking with a Chinese national the other day who  expressed great surprise when I told her how widely admired and emulated Traditional Chinese Medicine is. "Really? In China most people prefer medications," she said. "Maybe 5% of Chinese go in for TCM."

Well, 5% of the Chinese population is still a lot of people. China is a huge marketing opportunity, not just for manufacturers and raw materials, but for Western holistic practitioners and psychoanalysts. 

According to the Washington Post:

Chinese doctors - whose training has been limited to drug prescription - are hungry for new theories and techniques to treat patients. Meanwhile, Freudian psychoanalysts in the United States -- often seen as outdated, even irrelevant - are equally keen to gain new ground in China. Connecting the two sides is Skype - an Internet video conferencing technology that didn't even exist until seven years ago.

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  1. Hm, first we export the ego to the East, now we have to export analysis of the ego, too. Great!

    A friend, who's pretty much into eastern philosophy and religion, visited me yesterday, and pointed out to me, that I still was quite caught up in Freudian thinking/analyzing, which to him is of no value whatsoever. While I'm critical of most of Freud's theories, and think, he was way off the mark when it comes to the unconscious, I nevertheless also think, he's succeeded to a certain extent in mapping out what makes the ego tick. If nothing else, by demonstrating it at work in his own thinking... And I believe, we need to analyze and understand the ego, if we want to escape its control over us. In that regard, Freud's ideas are still of value, IMO.


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