Monday, January 16, 2012

Taoist alchemists and trigeminal neuralgia: two testimonials

Two testimonials, underscoring the value of alternative healing, vitamins, and belief.

Testimonial 1
Dogkisses's blog author Michelle, writes about her experience with a Taoist alchemist in her post entitled One Beet a Day. To find out about the beets, you'd better read the rest of her post.

The first time we met was to talk about my son. Of course, this led to discussing my son’s childhood, background and me. I was in his office for my own treatments shortly afterward.

My toes had hurt for a while. I kept waking up in the night feeling like somebody was pulling my toenails with pliers. It was extremely painful!

I briefly mentioned this pain, but I wasn’t there for the toe pain. I was there to figure out how to help my son. I was there because the energy I felt around this man evoked in me hope that my son could get better, possibly even well, which is not what psychiatry has told us for nearly a decade.

The Alchemist gave me a homeopathic remedy the first day I went for a treatment. I told him that I hadn’t responded well to homeopathy in the past, but he said give it a try anyway.

The next day, the toe pain was gone. It never returned like it was. I’ve felt it on a much milder level, but only a couple of times. They had been hurting nearly constantly and at one point, I recall being afraid of having to use a wheel chair if the pain continued. The doctors said it was likely Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus.

I was surprised when the pain vanished after one treatment from the Alchemist. I really didn’t know what to think. Perhaps the homeopathic remedy worked. Perhaps the energy the Alchemist carries is that of a true healer.

Testimonial 2
My cousin, Christina, posted this article on her Facebook page about the benefits of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12: The Most Important Nutrient You Aren’t Thinking About
If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, it is indeed very important – and you may very well not be thinking about it. One reason you aren’t thinking about it is that we tend to fall in (and out!) of love with one nutrient at a time (such as vitamin C, beta carotene, lycopene and so on), and vitamin B12 isn’t the nutrient du jour. But the other reason you may not be thinking about it is … because you can’t. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can limit your ability to think clearly about anything! (More on that momentarily.)

Christina did her own sleuthing to treat her trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful condition affecting the trigeminal nerve of the face. I asked her for more details, and here's what she wrote back.

B12 totally took away the pain i had with trigeminal neuralgia. I thought I had a bad toothache - it lasted 4 years and my dentist kept telling me it wasn't my teeth or gums - told me to go to family doctor, finally did, he diagnosed tn - and i went onto mayo clinic website and found case histories - only one that didn't involve psychotic drugs or brain surgery was lady who swore by B12 - I talked to my dr about it - it is water soluble so he said sure - within 48 hrs the pain was gone. Been taking it ever since. on a scale of 1-to 10 it is a 10


  1. Very cool that you used the excerpt. I hope to write more about our treatments with the Alchemist! And, also hope to add other modalities of treatment too. I would love it if my son could do some art and music therapy. And maybe some type of group therapy or class, but it is hard to find anything outside of the mainstream community. I may have to start a support group in my area, which I have been seriously considering. There must be more parents/patients/people who are interested in holistic healing, esp., in the area where I live. I'm surprised that NAMI is about the only thing going on in this area.

    Thanks for your writing! I am always encouraged by visiting your blog.

  2. Michelle - One healing practice that just about every community offers is meditation and yoga. This may be something both of you want to check out. My son only started TM recently. He wasn't ready for it until then. So glad to hear that you are into holistic healing.

  3. Hi Rossa,

    I just now saw your reply. Thank you. We do have a community center that offers Yoga and Meditation. I'm so glad I saw your reply today, as it's time to sign up! My son has gone before and liked it. I've been tired, and so much of the time, b/c I'm a single parent, this means that my son doesn't get to go out or do as many things. He has applied for a membership at a community 'clubhouse' and I kind of feel like a bad witch or something b/c I wish he would stick to groups that are more about inclusion and not run by folks who are still hanging on to the claim that meds are the only way to treat 'mental illness' --I know he would enjoy seeing his friends at the clubhouse, but it makes me nervous. I think that I may honestly have a bit of post-trauma emotional upheaval going on. We have been thru so much in the system!

    So, again, am glad to have stopped by your blog. Today my goal is to go sign up for one of the classes :)

    Peace and Blessings,


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