Monday, May 21, 2012

Pass it on

Last week I read a fantastic article on Lisbeth Riis Cooper's blog at the Mad in America site. Her guest post is written by a mother who figured out how to help her son, and she mirrors my own thoughts about how to help an adult child recover.

Four years ago my husband accepted a job managing an American manufacturing facility in Shanghai. For one fun, adventurous year, I lived with my husband. For the past three years, my husband and I have lived separately because our youngest adult child has needed a family touchstone in the States.

I am writing this entry while sitting in my husband’s flat in Shanghai. This is my first vacation away from my son in nearly three years. My husband and I have been able to visit Singapore and the ancient and awe-inspiring temples of Cambodia. I was a little nervous about taking this trip, but all is perfectly calm on the home front.

I feel so blessed to share our family’s healing and recovery. Understand we’re still very much in recovery, but healing is coming as swiftly as the onset of our son’s distress.

The author writes that healing can start happening rapidly once a parent or relative grasps what it takes on their part to help recovery. Read the rest of her post here. Don't miss it. Skyblue, a frequent commenter on my blog, has added some excellent commentary to her post.

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  1. Thanks for the link Rossa, it is a lovely story. I met a mother of a schizophrenic son yesterday and directed her to your blog - I hope she looks it up, I am sure she will find it helpful. Regards, Louise


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