Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Not to Cure Schizophrenia

Parents, if you are searching today for help for your son or daughter, it is worth your while to read what Sky Blue Sight has to say about how to treat the mentally ill. Sky Blue speaks from the experience of someone once labelled "schizophrenic."

Sky Blue Sight
Being Cured in an Uncured World
Reflections on Modern Mental Health by a Successful Survivor

How Not to Cure Schizophrenia
The title of this post applies to most of those mental illnesses that have been classified and labeled as incurable brain diseases by the Pharmaceutical dominated contemporary mental health establishment.

How not to treat the mentally ill? Don't treat them as subhumans or objects. Stop thinking of 'treatment' as 'control'. Don't try to treat only the secondary ('positive') symptoms and ignore the consciousness, the personality structure and emotional functioning of human beings.

How to treat them? First allow them to be ill as much as possible (ie do not stop the human process) while at the same time facilitate them to full emotional functioning and guiding them to well being.

This is the point where the psychiatrist control freaks throw up their hands and say that leaves them with nothing. The truth is there are very few human beings that stay out of contact with reality and the environment forever due to mental illness, if any. Roll your shirt-sleeves up, find those contact points and get to work! You've all got a long way to go, all you in the contemporary mental health system , a lot of knowledge to catch up on, it's time to get started on finding out what you can do by listening to those who are there, and who have been there, instead of laboring on what you think you can't do.

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  1. Your information is really informative for us.
    Nice blog on Holistic Theory.
    Keep sharing more & more.....

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Rossa.

    And if anyone want to ask me any questions , go right ahead. I can tell you a lot of what some kinds of SZ like myself formerly experienced, how they experience and what might work to help promote growth and change.

    Every moment is meaningful.
    The here and now, makes a difference.
    The mind is not a world of stone.
    Seek and you will find.

  3. Skyblue,
    You are in my pantheon of SZ heroes because you know the territory and write about it well. Keep up your good work! I often steer Chris toward what you have to say, because you write from a male perspective, and that's important.


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