Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding madness

I have not been invited to the wedding, and to be blunt, neither have you, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the festivities from the comfort of a blog.

I googled Royal Wedding schizophrenia, and here's the best I could come up with. Diana in heaven feels she's being upstaged.  ("I'll haunt it if it kills me.") Perfect!

At the time of writing, the Royal Wedding Gown is still under wraps, but let's see what the situation is in trousers. Does the trend to high waist trousers spell the end of the muffin top?

Before we leave the U.K., let's take home a souvenir of the happy couple, Harry and Kate. To the Chinese, we all look alike.


  1. Rossa,

    The hoopla over this wedding has been something else...

    It really hit home for yours truly last night (actually, early this morning, about 3am), when I was awoken to the sound of the television in our bedroom... My wife was watching with bated-breath.

    I put some earplugs in, and tried to get some sleep... Not much help... Couldn't go back to bed, and had to work today... a busy day, which I managed to get through, half-asleep.

    The world seems fascinated by the royals, and all the pomp and circumstance... I suppose there's always been a fascination about kings and queens, and dukes, and ducheses, and princesses.

    As an American, it's all pretty foreign to me...

    Oh, well.
    I suppose it's been some relief from the problems we all face in the world...

    What can I say?

    God save the Queeen.

    Duane Sherry

  2. Duane -
    Your wife was one of the estimated two billion people who watched the hoopla. .


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