Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Chris's voice has progressed  lower again.  I noticed a deepening a couple of weeks ago after he started Sahaja Yoga meditations. The first time I noticed his voice had dropped a bit was after he studied the Alexander Technique, and then again after undergoing Tomatis therapy.

But, what exactly does a deeper voice mean in the context of a diagnosis of schizophrenia?  In my non-scientific thinking, I associate the lowering of the voice with vibrations, chakras and  improved body/mind connection. A lower voice to me implies Chris is becoming more grounded. I have been focusing on the body/mind connection for quite a while and that's the reason I pushed him into exploring these therapies in the first place. Well, actually, he didn't need any encouraging for the Alexander Method. He absolutely loved it. 

There are all kinds of minute observations in schizophrenia recovery that a mother worth her salt should be able to spot. What it all means is something else.


  1. Rossa,

    IMHO, tapping into the "mind-body connection" is the key to recovery. The mind and body are inseparable.

    I find it amazing that in the world of conventional psychiatry, patients are told to ignore the "side effects" of the "medicine."

    When in fact, a person needs to listen to their own body. The body "talks" to us. In fact, there are neurons not only the brain, but the intestines, and heart as well...

    The decisions we make in every day life come from the brain, the heart, and the "gut." The brain can decide make the most "rational" decision. But the heart and gut have enough neurons to over-ride the brain as well... Any of us can go with our "heart" or with our "gut."

    We come from a single cell. The cell multiplies... The "brain" is throughout the body... The body literally "talks to us." We "ignore" the body at our own peril.

    Getting the body strong, really strong, as well as the mind finely tuned, and at peace... This ought to be the objective of psychiatry... Rather than numbing the very body, brain, and mind that are the key to living a full life... Really being able to think, being able to feel... Being fully alive!

    IMHO, meditation is good, but only have the answer. I consider meditation to be taking time to "listen" to God (and all of His creation in our every-day life... Whereas prayer (at least for me) is an opportunity to "talk" with God.

    IMHO, at the top of the list are prayers of thanksgiving, gratefulness, and prayers for the well-being and peace for ourselves and others.

    I just consider taking time each day to listen and talk to the Spirit is essential. I keep it simple, really simple. For instance, I pray at red lights... My vehicle is stopped anyway.

    I meditate for a minute sometimes... Sometimes, just feeling the breeze with my eyes closed on a walk. I just ground myself in the moment, that's all... I'm hardly a priest or a spiritual guru of any kind.

    I consider "mind-body" connection to be the key to wellness, and "meditation-prayer" to finding peace in each day.

    I hope none of this sounds "preachy", but I wanted to make a comment about some of the things that help me personally get the most out of each day, a moment at a time (as life presents itself).

    Thank you for the post.

    Be well,

    Duane Sherry

  2. Duane - I hope readers looking for answers read your comment. You are absolutely right. The body/mind connection is key. When somebody undergoes a "mental illness" (right there, the terminology ignores the body), it is obvious from looking at they way they walk, that the body isn't connected to the mind. And, the medications drive the body and mind even further apart, e.g. it is hard to be integrated if one is 100 pounds overweight. Trying to connect the body/mind isn't easy at the beginning. Lots of people like Chris are not even able to think about exercise at this stage. Thanks for your comments.


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