Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EC buys same old chestnut

Thanks to Stephany for alerting me to this European Commission press release about EC approval of the latest injectable schizophrenia drug.

There is no new information in this release, the EC has bought the same tired justifications from doctors with ties to pharma about the need for adherence to schizophrenia medication. I'm bored already.

Also not new in this article is the figure of one in a hundred. Schizophrenia, apparently, is still occuring in the population at the rate of 1%, the same as always. Schizophrenia's identical twin, bipolar, is now as overexposed as Paris Hilton at a party, but good old schizophrenia doesn't budge in the rankings. This makes me wonder what's the matter with schizophrenia. If we believe that these so-called mental illnesses are being overprescribed, why isn't the rate of schizophrenia in the population reflecting this? What is going on?


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