Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gone fishing

With great regret, but also some relief, I am posting my Gone Fishing sign for the month of August. Ian and I will be in the States, sans young men, except for Taylor, our youngest, who will be meeting us for a few days while we tour some battlefields and monuments.

What a difference time makes. A few years ago Ian and I couldn't leave Chris alone because he deteriorated in our absence. We were confined to our sofa, night after night, watching endless reruns of Friends and downing bottles of red wine to maintain our equilibrium. We continue to down bottles of red wine for our equilibrium, but now we are "self-medicating" for all the right reasons!

Chris isn't actually alone. He's with Alex our middle son. It's almost like being alone because Alex, when he's not at work, generally stays in his room watching YouTube. (Check out Hamlet!) He parties on week-ends. Chris and Alex get along well, thank goodness.

Despite being on vacation, I will be ever on the look-out for blog ideas. What worked before is that when I got inspired by something I saw or heard, I jotted it down in a notebook or in my new post file if I had access to a computer. When I got back home I could then post something daily without having to think too hard.

So, have a great rest of the summer and see you in September, or periodically in August if I can't keep my hands off a computer. I will still approve messages from time to time.


  1. Have a great time over there! Enjoy the red wine - and everything else -, you deserve it! :)

  2. Whatever happens, don't desert me! Out of sight, out of mind, they say.

  3. I will miss you, enjoy a well deserved change of scene!! As the song says see you in September.

  4. I'll be here, as soon as you're back (and probably also while you're away, browsing the archives for stuff I haven't yet read). You won't get rid of me that easily! :D

  5. Been loving your reviews on amazon. Nice blog you have, with some very interesting ideas. Enjoy your vacation!


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