Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back with a vengeance

Or more like a tired whimper. Got back home this morning having not slept at all in economy class and unable to sleep much since. My holiday in the United States and Canada is now a mental collection of snapshots, impressions, and articles clipped from newspapers and magazines that caught my interest, always on my narrowly focused pet topic.

Here's one impression that I call the "irony and the ecstasy."

Sign at the entrance to Herdon, Virginia:

Herdon, Virginia - Committed to being drug free.

They're serious about this, apparently. Yet if Herdonites are like everybody else these days they are loading up on the legally sanctioned drugs while sanctimoniously hounding their teenagers about the evils of the illegal stuff.

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  1. Welcome back, checking your blog is right up there with my my morning coffee!!


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