Monday, June 21, 2010

Just keep hammering home the message

From Beyond Meds

Think of those who are still subject to the care of mental health professionals. They are by definition subject to care, if my experience is to be taken seriously, and I for one do take it seriously, that considers them inherently less than equal. I remember when I was a clinician too. Some of these people who are prejudiced are well-meaning. But well-meaning and acting without prejudice are unfortunately not mutually exclusive. I don’t know how one extracts this insidious form of prejudice. They don’t see it in themselves…how do we help them see?

My solution is probably simplistic, but here goes. Just keep hammering home the message, politely, respectfully, but leave no one in any doubt as to why the attitude is objectionable. If you lose control, you will give "them" more ammunition to use against you and others like you. You will only haved confirmed their prejudice. Join forces with others and vary your media. Picket, write letters to the editor. Write letters in response to letters to the editor. Do book reviews. Remember the gay pride movement? Notice how respectful everybody is these days to homosexuals compared to what it used to be. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness, too, until the movement forced psychiatry to drop it from the DSM.

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