Friday, June 25, 2010

Design your own T-shirt contest

The silly season is upon us. The NAMI convention runs from June 30th to July 3rd in Washington, DC. Imagine you are picketing their convention center proudly wearing a T-shirt you have designed yourself. You're MAD as hell.

I just checked the NAMI website and noticed another misery story about schizophrenia with a dire warning about going off your drugs. Oh my gosh, it's even worse than I imagined.

The Movie
Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia is set to screen on Friday, July 2, at the NAMI National Convention. The gripping documentary depicts the struggle of filmmaker Delaney Ruston, both a daughter and a doctor, to bring her father, who has paranoid schizophrenia, back into her life after hiding from him for ten years.

What starts as a powerful story of reconciliation suddenly shifts when Delaney's father stops his medications and goes missing.

Steve Lopez, author of The Soloist, has called the film "beautiful and powerful."

This extraordinary film challenges us to reflect on our own ideas about mental illness, compassion and responsibility.

Here's something to get you started. Make your messages playful but pointed. All entries will be forwarded to MindFreedom and posted on this blog.

"Off-meds and a danger to society"
E. Fuller Torrey

Unmedicated and roaming the streets

I'm a MAD mother
(Mother against psychiatric Drugging)

SZ, unmedicated, and luvin' it.

Off-meds, not off my rocker.

Went on a psych trip and all I got was this crummy T-shirt.

Off-meds. Back-off.

Just say "no" (to psych drugs)

Mommy - can I take drugs? No dear, just the antipsychotics the doctor gives you.

NAMI: Las drogas se habla aquí.

Pharma and NAMI: A marriage made in heaven.

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