Thursday, December 31, 2009

Person of the Year

In my life, the person of the year is Dr. Maria Stern, Chris's psychiatrist. She has done a lot, not just for Chris but for Ian and me. It's easy for me to see the flaws in psychiatrists, psychiatry and the medical community in general but then there are the exceptional psychiatrists like Dr. Stern, who manage to balance the interests of the client and the parents alongside their own belief system and training.

Dr. Stern is very supportive of our difficulties, and offers positive encouragement when occasionally I get a little down. I'm sure there are many times when Dr. Stern would love to tell Ian and me exactly what we are doing wrong and how foolish we sometimes seem in her eyes, but she doesn't. She is diplomatic and skillful. She always thanks us for our observations and usually says that she has noticed exactly the same thing. When I signal to her that there is an area where I think Chris can improve, she takes it to heart. The next thing you know he has improved in that area and there's no longer an issue. I plan to make greater use of her gifts in this way.

Thank you Dr. Stern for working wonders.

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