Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clever drug companies

How brilliantly big pharma has succeeded yet again. It has managed to convince gullible doctors and parents pre-softened by all the emphasis on autism (a condition that does emerge in early childhood), that there is also something called "childhood schizophrenia." Well done. Bravo. Parents are now on the alert for it in children as young as two. I am not doubting that children have mental health problems. Psychiatry has famously failed adults by continuing to insist that emotional problems are biochemistry. The repercussions of this meds only approach are far worse for children.

Posted by Sandra (below), on Circle of Moms: Mothers of Special Needs Children, in answer to another "mom" Jennifer whose nine year old has schizophrenia.

"if you don't mind me asking, how old was she when she was diagnosed? has she always had problems or is it a new thing? how is she handling it? sorry if i am being forward or if you just don't want to answer, it's just i have a 2 yr old girl who may have childhood schizophrenia unfortunately she is to young to get a proper diagnosis. i'm just not sure what to expect or what is going to happen with her so am looking for other mums who have been through similar"

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