Thursday, October 7, 2010

Low Expressed Emotion, our style

Ian and I discussed Chris today. It went like this:

Ian: Where was Chris last night?

Me: He was at his course.

Ian: What course was that?

Me: A computer technician course. He took the intro in August.

Ian: Good.



  1. That is awesome. My mother is one of those "High Expressed Emotion" types. To this day, she still cries and gets hysterical about the one time I was psychotic, 7 years ago, and how hard it was for her. I have unfortunately had to make the decision to distance myself from her, and like any daughter, I would love the chance at a real relationship with my mom. -Brainzaps/kimbriel

  2. I was a high expressed emotion type. We all have the ability to learn.

  3. I am loving this blog!!



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