Saturday, August 3, 2013


I was not aware of this Hawaiian inspired message until today. The ho'oponopono message has been translated in many languages and is practiced world-wide.

How Dr. Hew Len healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian system that heals oneself ... and the world, too

More than thirty years ago, in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital, there was a special ward, a clinic for the mentally ill criminals. People who had committed extremely serious crimes were assignated there either because they had a very deep mental disorder or because they needed to be checked to see if they were sane enough to stand trial. They had committed murder, rape, kidnapping or other such crimes. According to a nurse that worked there in those years, the place was so bleak that not even the paint could stick to the walls, everything was decaying, terrifying, repulsive. No day would pass without a patient-inmate attacking another inmate or a member of the staff.
Read how Dr. Len accomplished this amazing transformation.


  1. Thanks for posting this... I had never heard of this and am now reading about it as well, seems like a very good practice to embrace in these stressful times...

    1. I've been practicing it for the past few days. It is the universal message of apologizing for wrongful actions, asking forgiveness, being thankful and loving. The Lord's Prayer comes to mind as a well known Christian example. Emotional Freedom Technique touches on certain aspects of this, and there are so many other practices. Very powerful stuff!


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