Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Splenectomies, immune system development, and schizophrenia

Chris is incapacitated in bed today with the flu and running a fever. I can't recall when he was ever sick as a child or adult. Not a cold, not a fever, no ear aches, stomach aches, nothing. For the past month he's been taking drops that are supposed to strengthen his zero functioning immune system, according to the naturopath. There is now something quite bizarre going on. Occasional flus and fevers are normal. Perfect physical health like Chris has experienced is not. If Chris's immune system begins to function  ("if")  will this mean that he will trade his particular brand of "schizophrenia" for different health concerns or more everyday health? The immune link interests me because my spleen was removed as a child due to thrombocytopenic purpura, which suggests that Chris may have an inherited autoimmune condition.  

Some recent research finding on the immune system courtesy of Psych Central


  1. My son developed psychosis while having a badly infected toe which he had neglected. I am sure his infection and psychosis were tied together. So yes, imunity had probably something to do with it. The strange thing was that he didn't seem to experience any pain.Just looking at that toe made me cringe in agony.

    1. Dr. Abram Hoffer noted that his patients with schizophrenia had very high pain thresholds. So does my son from what I have observed. So, there are all kinds of clues that any mother would be willing to tell a doctor, should she be asked. But doctors don't ask, they simply aren't interested. They diagnose "schizophrenia" on symptoms, not causes. I'm glad that your son got through the horrible misdiagnosis to which he was subjected.


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