Thursday, October 4, 2012

Educating your local newspaper about the recovery movement

A journalist since 1968, Ken Braiterman has been advocating for recovery- and trauma-informed services since 1977, full-time since 1997. He is board chair of Wellness Wordworks, a certified advanced WRAP trainer, former chair of the NH Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Council, and a lecturer at the NH Police Academy and NH Hospital. A prolific writer and compelling speaker, he can be reached at

Why Mainstream Media Ignore Our Movement or Get It Wrong
by Ken Braitherman

Having been a news reporter for a small-city daily for many years, I know some reasons why mainstream media ignore our movement, or get it wrong. that have nothing to do with hostility or being bought by Big Pharma. Advocates can do something about it with their local media, but it’s an uphill struggle that requires some awareness of the problems they face every day.

The built-in limitations of daily journalism have gotten much worse since I left the business. Mostly a lack of space and staff time. Space for news shrinks in proportion to the shrinking advertising.

Staffs keep shrinking, but the number of important subjects does not, Newspapers are fighting a losing battle to maintain quality and journalistic standards as fewer people struggle to do the same amount of work.

And there are so many stories a local paper is required to cover, like the school board, cops, local elections, and city council. Mental health stories are required only when someone goes on a shooting spree.

Read Ken's advice about the steps you can take to approach your local newspaper.

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