Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearing voices is complex


Good article about the Hearing Voices Network, but disturbing because of the insistence that the Hearing Voices Network claims that childhood sexual abuse is almost always at the root of psychosis. Doesn't the complexity of human experience defy simple answers?


  1. All it is, is who can lie about "Hearing voices". If you can lie and say you don't hear voices, you are sane.
    The majority of people say they don't hear voices.
    If you don't lie and tell the truth, "Yes I do hear voices", you're crazy. You don't want to be crazy do you?

    a few examples of hearing voices.

    A person hears "Its too hot in here/ Its too cold in here."
    The mentally ill (drugged) often die in the heat and cold because they "can't tell what the temperature is", they can't listen to their inner voice.

    Voice of thirst and hunger.
    Voice of a impending bowel movement or diarrhea.
    Voice of fatigue " I need to lie down and sleep"
    A voice to drink (alcohol) and smoke.

    A voice of anger renamed to "psychosis".
    The voice of Envy and/or Covetousness keeps the economy going. If humans did not hear the voice to consume, the economy would fail.That can not happen.

    A voice of love. Your wife/husband loves you!

    There are lots of voices bouncing around in a humans brain.

    Country song
    Chris Young - I Hear Voices All the Time
    You could say I'm a little bit crazy
    You could call me insane
    Walkin' 'round with all these whispers
    Runnin' 'round here in my brain
    I just can't help but hear 'em
    Man, I can't avoid it

    I hear voices
    I hear voices like
    My dad sayin' work that job
    But don't work your life away
    Mama tellin' me to drop some cash
    In the offering plate on Sunday
    And granddad sayin' you can have a few
    But don't ever cross that line
    Yeah I hear voices all the time

  2. That claim bothered me as well, Rossa. Specifying that it is sexual trauma, and not simply experiences which are traumatic or which caused the person with a diagnosis to feel conflicted; to me it seemed to be an effort to discredit---not explain. Just my impression.

  3. As I say to Chris, any voices you hear are probably me yelling at you!

    The sexual abuse thing is a real witch hunt. People suffer many kinds of trauma. According to Elyn Saks, her world crumpled when she was about eight years old and her father snapped at her over something fairly small. But she felt completely dissolved.

  4. Gabor Mate, in his book, Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, states that all the female addicts he works with have been sexually abused. I do think sexual abuse occurs much more often than we want to believe. I don't know if this applies to psychosis or not but I'm not ready to discredit the idea.

  5. Addiction also subjects people to degradations that they might not otherwise indulge in. Mate may be looking at one only side of the coin, if he claims sexual abuse causes addiction. Of course sexual abuse occurs - just not to the extent that explains every case of psychosis.


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