Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost empty nesters

Alone at last, well, for a few days at least. Taylor and Chris have been overnighting at a religous retreat/community in the mountains since Tuesday and they have one night to go! They pay a ridiculously small amount for the room and board, and they get to use the library, walk the grounds, interact with fellow travellers from all over the world, and attend the occasional lecture. Everybody chips in to prepare the food and clean up, from what I have gathered.

It's a great bonding experience for the "boys" and a rare occasion for Ian and me to have nobody underfoot. Well, almost nobody. There's Alex, our middle son. Alex has a job that is keeping him late at his office, and so it's almost like we are empty nesters. Alex is planning to move out soon. (How soon is not yet clear.) Even Chris and Dr. Stern are talking about Chris eventually moving out - possibly to rent a room in the house of one of her patients.

Dr. Stern and Chris's occupational therapist, both of whom Ian and I met with on Tuesday night, are cautiously optimistic that Chris is at a turning point, and hopefully his progress will begin to accelerate. According to the scalar energy shaman who I am seeing tomorrow, Chris is in an orange crisis zone. I know he's in a crisis zone and Dr. Stern knows he's in a crisis zone and needs skillful handling, but it's interesting that scalar energy picks up that he's in a crisis zone, too.

More about scalar energy and what the shaman had to say when I figure out what the heck scalar energy is and what it can do for us. Right now I haven't a clue.

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