Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Psychiatrist plugs medication adherence on NPR radio through scare tactics

ALT_mentalities has posted an NPR interview with psychiatric survivor Carmelo Valone. Please check out ALT_'s post and then listen to the NPR interview. If you're still hanging in there (and believe me, it's worth it), feel free to add your two cents to the discussion.

Valone's story should give many people cause for hope! The psychiatrist who phoned in should give many people cause for dismay.


  1. "Adherence" to what?

    Failed drugs?

    And of course, there's always the Treatment Advocacy Center's position, which is always predictable... This could have been avoided with "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" (forced drugging).

    The latest post from D.J. Jaffe on the Huffington Post (if you dare)-

  2. The police chief quoted in the Jaffe article probably thinks that there exists something somewhere called "treatment" for the mentally ill. What he really wants is sedation. He's asking that the prisoner be transferred to a prison with the fancy sounding name of psychiatric treatment facility.

  3. Not sure if facts matter, but Assisted Outpatient Treatment does NOT allow for forced drugging. It is specifically excluded. Learn more

    1. Facts DO matter to people of integrity, but facts do not matter to whomever is behind the propaganda mill known as the Mental Illniss Policy Org.
      Learn more

  4. Hi Rossa,
    Long time, no interneting..

    Commenting is closed on that story at NPR. Also it was a psychologist, not a psychiatrist that was advocating forced drugging and incarceration for the mentally ill,

    Now lets look at the story he gave:

    'And I had a colleague who had a son who was mentally ill, and they were devoutly Catholic. They paid for a psychiatrist. They did all these wonderful things, and the boy basically stops taking his meds, unknown to his father, and one afternoon, tragically several years ago, the wife came home and found the husband's head cut off and with the son lying next to him with a bullet in his brain.'

    Ha! Was what the family did so wonderful? They were psychically murdering their son, turning him into a zombie and enslaving him, taking away all his hope to be happy and free. Indoctrinated by Establishment-Big Pharma propaganda, they sacrificed their son to a system of fascist social control helping the super rich Pharma Corp to become even richer and more powerful. The idea that they were 'devoutly Catholic' simply indicates that they were susceptible to being obedient to authority so they were easily obedient to the fascsit authority of the Pharma Corp control system. They did what they were told,they drank the kool-aid and sentenced their son to a the purgatory of the undead.

    What the son did was perfectly reasonable and rational. He had probably gone along with the repression for some time. He had heard and understood the death sentence imposed upon him - that he would be forced to remain like this - he understood that there was and entire organization or cabal geared towards ensuring his emotional destruction - he had seen what the meds were doing to him - he wanted his emotional life back as all humans do - even our negative emotions are us -we are nothing without them, so he secretly stopped taking the pills and plotted his escape. What free spirited, re-blooded person would not do the same?

    From this perspective, the son was a hero. Unfortunately, he was not able to strike back at the mass psychic murderers at the top of the system such as the Pharma executives or at his psychiatrist a individual mass personality murderer but he martyred himself for the cause of freedom. And while he had a moment of freedom, while he had his true senses before they could find him out and force drug him for the rest of his life, he took his escape and took down one of his oppressors with him.
    An unsung hero!
    The stuff of legend and inspiration for future generations!

    In the constitution people should have the inalienable right to be mentally ill. If they cannot be mentally ill they cannot find mental health. One of the ideas of the Pharma Corp Establishment (as well as making themselves rich and powerful) is to eradicate the mentally ill themselves, as free human beings, to zombify them, to take away their hope to be free and happy. In the whole human race the human being constantly rebels against tyranny and tyrants. 'Give me freedom or give me death' is in the universal spirit of human beings.. This young man fought for freedom in a system that took away all his hope. He was in truth a hero and a martyr for human freedom.

  5. Anonymous,

    "Not sure if the facts matter?"

    No, they don't matter.
    All that matters is the myth.

    Assisted Outpatient Treatment doe NOT allow for forced drugging; and the Easter Bunny is very real...

    In fact, just a few days ago, he left chocolate eggs in parks and playgrounds across the world... How special.

    Don't you just love myths?
    And the Easter Bunny?


  6. Anonymous (D.J. Jaffe?),

    An article worth spending some time reading...

    'Involuntary Committment and Forced Drugging in the Trial Courts: Rights Violations as a Matter of Course' by Attorney Jim Gottstein -

    Duane Sherry, M.S.

  7. Anonymous - I went to the link you provided, and here's just one example out of the many there that weasles around what AOT is actually about.

    MYTH: Assisted outpatient treatment requires individuals to take life-threatening medications.

    REALITY: Medicines used to control neurobiological disorders have been determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be safe when used according to labeling requirements. Overdosing on these medicines is difficult. However, all medicines, including those used to treat neurobiological disorders, have different efficacy and side effect profiles. The practice of balancing the side effects of the medicines with the likely benefits is not superceded by assisted outpatient treatment laws.

  8. Forced Drugging is extant in Canada. It is not only extant the fascist machine that does it is in the process of extending and solidifying it's control. In Canada it's in the legal form called "Community Treatment Orders" or CTO's.
    I was in a meeting of a group of consumers at an event where a former head Psychiatric nurse in her capacity in a newly appointed, newly created regional administrative position, had come to speak. Her purpose in being there was to threaten the members of that group with the authorities if they went off their meds. She told them they could and would be arrested if and forcibly medicated if they went off their meds. She also told me how she had a referral from a school where a seven year old was diagnosed under the DSM and forcibly medicated (started for life) with anti-psychotics.
    She talked to me as if I was a pharmaceutical consumer without checking first. She had no ability to discern the obviously healthy from the obviously troubled. Another evidence that a person doesn't have to be crazy to be treated as crazy by the system. I do wonder how many lives have been lost by over eager Pharma shrinks, henceforth known in Canada as Pharma-cops.

  9. Of course anonymous is DJ Jaffe--he is the only one I have ever seen who post links to his 'mental illness policy,' e.g. forced drugging site. Very nice to see you commenting again SkyBlue after your hiatus!


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