Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Clinical Psychopharmacology a Pseudoscience?

Good blog post by Steve Balt, MD.

But at the risk of sounding like even more of a heretic, I’ve noticed that not only do psychopharmacologists really believe in what they’re doing, but they often believe it even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

It all makes me wonder whether we’re practicing a sort of pseudoscience.

Read the rest of it here.


  1. Rossa,

    Is it just me, or does this Dr. Balt have some things to say?

    He's turning the world of his colleagues upside-down! And that's a good thing... A VERY good thing, indeed!

    Thanks for posting.


  2. So grateful you shared this Rossa. ANY psychiatrist with limited time would diagnose me with schizophrenia, just like your son. But then, I stick around and insist on their witnessing me wean from the medications. As I tell my story more correctly and repeat it until I am heard, they finally have to shrug. We go from schizophrenia, to schizo-affective disorder, to bipolar. And then finally, I say, you know, I am simply not a manic person. I only have psychosis when my thinking goes awry, or I suffer from low blood sugar or hormonal fluctuations, like very low estrogen.... and get no sleep and indulge in my most fearful thinking..

    And then suddenly, I am back to square one: anyone';s brain under the right set of conditions, influenced by no or little sleep, anxiety or negative thinking can begin perceiving reality incorrectly. I despise how most folks will look at someone like me, when in my vulnerable state, and insist I am hearing voices.

    Pah, I am experiencing something more like wakeful dreaming. If only they would question popular (and erroneous) thinking. This label leads fools to see what they damn well please!

  3. To both of you, amen. Thanks for your passionate comments. I wish others could see what we see. Let's stop the negativity!

  4. Smitty, my son was diagnosed in 45 minutes and I am now trying to undo the system that I set in place in my quest for answers to his behaviour. How I wish I had heard your story four years ago!!! Stopping the negativity is my current crusade - I just need to get people to listen and believe, including my son!

  5. Rossa,

    Your site can be the "No Negativity" Zone.
    Unless the subject is NAMI, of course (oops).



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