Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry conference in Los Angeles

When September rolls around each year, I get the familiar longing to sign up for something. So, I'm thrilled  to see that The International Society Society for Ethical Psychiatry & Pyschology (ISEPP) has an exciting line-up of guest speakers for its up-coming conference in October in Los Angeles: Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If we don't medicate, what do we do? Wish I could go! Instead, I signed up as am ISEPP member. If  have one problem with the conference, it's that, like many conferences of this nature, it relies heavily on the presence of people with medical degrees and PhDs, and not enough on speakers with real world experience, such as parents. After all, parents exercise the ultimate control in mental health matters, by supporting or not supporting their relative. Their support would add a lot of clout to the aims of the ISEPP.  I know many parents who just roll their eyes at yet another M.D. or Ph.D. telling us how it's done "in theory." Maybe when I land an agent and my book comes out, I'll get the chance to explain to the audience how I translated these theories into practice. So far, I've received two expressions of interest from agents, but no follow-up action.

Here's what the research and educational network has to say about itself:

ISEPP is a non-profit 501 (c3) research and education network focusing on the critical study of the mental health movement. We are primarily a network of professionals and individuals concerned with the impact of mental health theories upon public policy, therapeutic practices, individual well-being, and personal freedom. Our varied membership includes psychiatrists, psychologists, professional clinical counselors, academic researchers, educators, lawyers, psychiatric survivors, concerned family members, other mental health professionals, and advocates. All are welcome. We support one another, inform the media, the public, and fellow professionals regarding the risks entailed in the modern psychiatric treatment paradigm. Our annual conferences are a major outlet for cutting-edge information in mental health.

ISEPP is an independent organization which currently takes no monies from external sources.

You can download the conference brochure here. Consider going to the conference and/or signing up as a member.

Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If we don't medicate, what do we do?
October 28-29, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA @ Double Tree by Hilton
13+ CEUs available for psychologists, MFTs, counselors, social workers & nurses!

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