Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Continuing on the path

Last week I had a phone appointment with Sue Frederick, a career intuitive/numerologist. Numerologically, I am in my second Saturn return. Though I missed a career path in line with my "non-awakened" self on my first Saturn return  (aged twenty-eight), I have a second chance around the age of fifty-eight. Since I had already read Sue's book, and know my number (22/4) I was mainly using this conversation as a chance to see if she could add anything that would help me with my future plans, which include retiring in two years.  What I was hoping, was that Sue might suggest something different than the path I have been on for nine years.

What I have been doing the past nine years is my path, according to Sue. She must have noticed the enthusiasm I displayed when I talked about schizophrenia. No doubt I was born to have a son develop "schizophrenia," and then for me to find it the most interesting thing that ever happened to ME! But how can you think it's all about you, some may ask, when clearly your son has suffered this terrible tragedy?  Well, as you know, I don't see schizophrenia as a tragedy, I see it as an opportunity for growth, especially for the so-called afflicted, but also for anyone around him or her who cares to listen and learn.

I did get some immediate ideas from Sue about taking advantage of my second Saturn return. One is to do a proper book proposal, including a market analysis, chapter summaries, etc. I have been concentrating on finishing the manuscript edits, but Sue convinced me just to get the proposal sent out to agents before August. The book doesn't have to be finished. I knew that, but an agent had asked me to send him the finished book, so I was putting all my effort into finishing it. Sue says September will be a numerologically  important month, and the proposal should be in as many hands as possible by then. The stars will do the rest. Oh, yes, a laptop is essential for what I want to do, she added.

Since my work is cut out for me before I leave on vacation in August, I am encouraging Chris to write a blog post on the topic "what worked for you and what didn't work for you in your recovery?" He is free to trash  his parents' misguided efforts to help. It may be a question of getting him to stop writing.


  1. Thanks for the update on Sue Frederick and your conversations with her. I was interested in that the first times you posted about it.

    I'm looking forward to your hard copy book (hint hint) coming out!!

    -B'ham (but no longer there, really)

  2. So, will you be signing off in future as
    N'ham? or Man?

  3. Ummm....not understanding - a bit slow on the uptake I guess I am. B'ham is short for Birmingham as you probably know. I kinda understand N'ham, but Man? Je ne comprende pas!

    I guess I should sign off as DC now, as that is where I am.

  4. You do get around. I was thinking of Manchester, but, of course, it didn't fit. Enjoy DC. People may have trouble understanding your humor, assuming you are British. Word of warning!

  5. Hi Rossa

    Ooh, a shopping opportunity! Do enjoy buying your new laptop, and I very much look forward to reading your book. I am also looking forward to reading Chris' blog post. Will you also let him write a chapter of the book? Louise x

  6. I'm coaxing and cajoling him to write a post, and he has contributed several parts to the book. He's a really good writer, as people who've had his diagnosis tend to be. Now that I think of it, I'll put a link to your book on my recommended reading list.

  7. Drat. I just tried to add your book to my bookshelf and I can no longer figure out why it's not working.

  8. Oh, thanks a lot for that Rossa. It has been a few days since I checked in here. Did you finish reading the book? (I assume so if you are recommending it). I have found quite a few more typos recently and have spent some time correcting them so that I can upload the corrected version to Amazon - hopefully for the last time! I am just waiting for feedback from people who don't know me - you (No pressure!) and the web manager for the charity Rethink - before I update the book for the final time. Incidentally, Rethink are in the process of re-branding themselves Rethink Mental Illness - I wish they had decided on Rethink Mental Health (although I know this is nit-pickish of me). The paperback version of the book should be out by the end of this year at the latest, and I think I am going to rename it Schizophrenia at the Schoolgate.


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