Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where are the holistic schizophrenia mommy bloggers?

Faithful reader Duane has pointed out to me that I seem to be unique in my being parent of an adult child with a schizophrenia diagnosis who has such a postive view of schizophrenia while holding a highly critical view of the medication approach. It's lonely being me. Don't get me wrong. There are people like Becky and Stephany, but they belong to a sub-group of mothers fighting the good battle against childhood psychiatric labelling and drugging. Most of the others (we tend to be women) appear to endorse NAMI and the finding the right drug approach.

Where are the others like me who are blogging? Not just mommy bloggers but daddy bloggers, too. One day I would like to join the "in-crowd" of my own choosing. I have a long history of rejection. Even as far back as high school I never made it to the "popularity table" in the cafeteria. When I moved to that school district, the table with the cool kids was full, and I sat with the rejects, as I termed them (not me). I knew it was not cool to be there. One girl wore a hair net. Why a hair net, I had no clue, not that I bothered to ask. I just sat there eating my baked beans and Vienna sausage and fluffy white roll, just a table away from all the fun.

So, if you are willing to step up to the plate and begin your own blog, or you can twist someone else's holistic arm to start one, I'm all for it. We'll become the in-crowd, for once. It's only a matter of time. Check out Blogger or Wordpress. You can be up and ranting in about half an hour.

Popularity table


  1. It's not a blog, but MindFrredom did a radio show on/by moms, you can listen at

  2. Rossa,

    I was a pretty active blogger in 2008-2009, following a series of major intestinal/colon surgeries.

    What started as a routine hernia, went south after picking up an infection in the hospital... The intestines were all but eaten alive... Underwent six total surgeries over the course of several years (due to scar tissue, etc)... four of the surgeries were life-threatening, lasting 12-15 hours each.

    So, I was laid-up, and in a position to blog.

    Since that time, I started my own business -

    This has kept me plenty busy, especially in the present economy... However, thankfully, I was able to place someone is a job today!

    I stumbled across my words in the last couple of comments about your work... What I meant to say was so simple...

    Let me try again...
    "Thank you, Rossa, for all you're doing!"

    My best,

    Duane Sherry, M.S.

  3. Duane,
    Ouch! I can see why you are so passionate. I bet you are very reluctant to be anywhere near a hospital. It's good that you got started such a needed entreprise. Congratulations for turning a set-back into a service.

  4. I wish I could write. As a mother of a 27 year old son who sounds so very much like Chris I share your journey and many times find myself nodding my head and saying yes to what you say. Thank you for saying so eloquently what I believe. You are able to put my thoughts into words. BRAVO

  5. Rossa,

    What I meant to say was 4 were life-threatening, and 2 ended up lasting 12-15 hours...

    Anyway, that's all in the past.

    I think conventional psychiatric treatment can be much the same... like a surgery gone bad, what can become an opportunity to address trauma or underlying phyiscal condition can result in a major loss... months turning into years, due to the "treatment"... drugs and their fallout.


    My best to your and your family.


  6. Ron - Thanks for the link. It was interesting to hear the issues re mental health and the prison system.


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