Friday, November 5, 2010

When money meets schizophrenia

There is no shortage of glitzy events by the Napa Valley’s wine elite, but the annual music festival sponsored by Garen and Shari Staglin may be the most poignant.

When money meets schizophrenia (e.g. the Stanley Medical Research Institute), the condition becomes sad and chronic. Here is a supposedly feel good story about winery owners and their son. It doesn't buck me, up, however. Where is the good news here about the person? The good news is in the glitz and the charitable do-gooderism. Why is the word "poignant" used in this article in reference to schizophrenia? It needlessly provokes, since so many others have recovered and moved on in their lives. The public is continously fed these kind of stories in relation to schizophrenia, much more so than with depression and bipolar.

Money can't solve everything, it just confuses the issue when it comes to schizophrenia. Entrepreneurs are a class of individuals who feel that they can apply the same gung ho logic to human emotions, as if the human mind were a business plan or a balance sheet. The article is full of references to genetics, medications, and, unfortunately, resignation. Heaven help us if the Gates Foundation got involved with schizophrenia.

“Most people chose to bury or run away from the problem,” Garen Staglin said. “We chose to run toward it.”

Did you, really?

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  1. The plight of many people who are labled and drugged in our world has for a long time made me feel a very deep anger and sense of outrage directed at those who having found some degree of comfort and acceptance for themselves in the world they have proceeded to create an almost insurmountable roadblock in the paths of those who look to them for help in their lives. I refuse to be silent any longer, though now being more mindfull of the dangers of being outspoken considering my personal vulnerability as a former mental patient I shall nontheless accept the challenge to prove the absolute trustworthyness of the One I am to overcome all worldly powers as a realized aspect of the body of the one who 2000 years ago proved the supremacy of the power of the truth of being over the most extreme circumstances possible.
    The level of ignorance and tyranny which I have overcome in my search for the real facts of life almost left me immobilised and hoplessly vulnerable to the appalling cruelty and heartlessness with which those in my city Dublin Ireland exercise their usurped powers and dictate to the helpless a meaningless philophosophy of life but for the fact that I became willing to go all the way in trusting the truth that I knew. Now i find myself supported in all my doings by the invinciple power of the whole universe.Daily i defy the doomed collective human ego to do its worst and it hides from my face as I shine the true light of the most high God on its deceitfull ways.Friends of truth be assured that we are living in the last days of this long nightmare whose days now really are numbered. Deepen your own commitement to the truth and follow through until you have gained the understanding and faith you need to be true to who you really are. Now here in my homeland I stand alone in my understanding and its degree of realization but dont they say that one with God is a majority.I see that many so called spiritually realized people in my society have sold their birthrigh for money or status or a comfortable niche half way up the mountain of realization and I know for sure that they have no real foundation in reality dispite having some maybe impressive looking level of ability with energy or powers. The truth of love rules, it always has and always will. the temperory phenomenon of human nature is being dissolved and its demise into oblivion is certain

    With much love,

    Your friend in the way,

    Noel Gaughan


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