Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Constellation Therapy might provide some ideas here

From today's New York Times Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds.

But that left open a fundamental question: If the young man did not suffer from any demonstrable psychiatric disorder, just what was his problem?


  1. "But there was one small problem with these explanations: this supposedly suboptimal couple had managed to raise two other well-adjusted and perfectly nice boys. How could they have pulled that off if they were such bad parents?"

    Ah, the usual, hackneyed "argument" in favor of "hardwired and genetic components", once again.

    Absolutely mind-boggling how it can escape someone who allegedly is an expert in human behavior that no human being perceives two different persons the exact same way, and thus doesn't treat them the exact same way. No matter, if they're one's children, or whoever else they are.

    His problem seems to me to be that his parents at one point cast him for the scapegoat in the family drama.

  2. I know. There is no excuse for a psychiatrist to think that the family environment must be ruled out because parents have raised other seemingly well-adjusted children. That argument isn't very rigorous, but it's widespread.

  3. Family Constellations has proven over the past 30 years to be a method through which we can in a very short time uncover deep hidden dynamics in family systems and which show that many bahaviour patterns can come out of generations that came long before we were born. This is also present in Ruppert Sheldrakes work in Morphic fields and morphic resonance.

    Science is showing us that we are all connected and that we are all made up from the same thing....ENERGY. This simple fact is providing the Constellations Method with more ground on which to support its experience of finding healing in current day behaviour in 3 to 7 generations back in our family history.

    Check out http://www.constellationsinstitute.co.za for more information.


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