Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommy Dearest

It's Mother's Day in France. Since I missed getting this out earlier, here are some selections from the New Yorker Book of Mom Cartoons.

Little girl dining out with her parents. "You order for me, Mommy. You know what I like."

Little boy walking with his father: "Dad, if Mom ever gets another boyfriend, I hope he's just like you."

Mother and female friend sitting on couch with little boy spray painting "I need love" on the wall behind them. "Oh, he's just trying to get my attention."

Father and son about to cross in the middle of a busy street: "Tell your Mom we crossed at the corner."

Gift card categories to choose from for Mother's Day: Earth; Career; Loving, Biological; Surrogate; Unwed; Unfit

Hollywood producer type welcoming his ancient mother into his office: "Mom, baby!"

Woman at cocktail party: "I don't have to choose between baby and a career. I'm a surrogate mother."

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