Friday, January 29, 2010

A person who has figured it out

Sean Blackwell is a Canadian citizen, now living in Brazil, who writes and blogs about bipolar, which he considers his spiritual wake up call. He is on a mission, like I am, to take the fear out of psychosis and make it meaningful. He manages at times to make it even funny. Catch a most interesting interview with Sean and watch his channel on YouTube.

Here is a book review from his blog bookshelf. He has captured what I also notice, that people with schizophrenia are natural born quantum physicists.

#11 The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot

Experiences of one-ness, timelessness, all-knowingness. A sense that everything is connected to everything else. Sounds like bipolar mania, right? Well, it also sounds a lot like Quantum Physics, and while your Newtonian psychiatrist may think your experiences of being 'one-with-the-universe' are delusional, there is a hell of a lot more science behind those experiences than behind what he's sellin'.

Not only was Talbot one of the first to introduce the increasingly accepted idea that the Universe is essentially holographic in nature, he actually discusses on page 65 how bipolar people tap into this level of reality in a way that normal people can't.

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