Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once you label me you negate me*

Chris and Alex both went to our family doctor yesterday, Alex for a general check-up and Chris for that ECG that I questioned in my previous blog. Both sons haven't seen the doctor for years, well before Chris got "diagnosed." Their appointments were back to back, with Alex taking the first one.

Here is why I intend to find another family doctor. According to Alex, Dr. L. chatted to him about Chris, asking how Alex was handling the situation and gave him some general suggestions about keeping Chris engaged. Okay, fine, I'm with him so far. However, he impressed on Alex that Chris was going to need a psychiatrist and medication all his life. You can be sure that Dr. L was sad and regretful when he said this.

I don't want a family doctor who doesn't believe in total health and full recovery. I certainly don't want this doctor around Chris. This is why I have kept Chris away from him all these years. I know his view. It depresses me. What does it do for Chris?


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