Friday, July 2, 2010

Amsterdamned: The blog

There's not much of an industry in portraying mental illness as fun, which is a real pity 'cause there are a lot of funny things that happen. Finding the humor in mental illness is therapeutic. Instead, most of us are led to expect that it is dreary, soul-destroying and life-long. In short, serious business. Certainly that's the impression I always came away with after speaking with most, not all, of Chris's psychiatrists. Our life very quickly took on all the fun of a medical text book.

When we learn to see the lighter side of madness there's no telling the leaps and bounds we can make towards recovery. I personally feel that laughing and learning to laugh at ourselves means all's right with the world. I'm putting in a special plug for the blog Amsterdamned. It's a short blog so you can get up to speed quickly on our hero's cannabis and mania induced adventures in the Netherlands. He has recently had the good fortune to end up in a Dutch jail (as opposed to a Turkish or even an English jail) and that's where the second leg of his adventures begin.

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